Sunday, October 23, 2016


Missionaries come in all colors and do their ties.  These happen to be woven and sewed to the wearers specifications right here in Ghana.

Zone Council meetings happen regularly but, Elder Halladay and I are usually doing the Banking on those days.  This was an exception.  So glad we got to attend!  These missionaries are an inspiration.

Elder Halladay sharing a bit of insight.

All missionaries LOVE it when they get mail from home!  This is Elder Cameron, he happens to be new here so getting a letter was great!

LOVE Sisters Awittor and Athieno!

The whole UST Zone together.  Great bunch of hard working Missionaries!

When its transfer time we always have to say goodbye to some missionaries who've completed their service here.  A special meal is in order and Veronica (in the hat), our Mission cook asks them what they want her to prepare.  Tonight its foufou, chicken and peanut soup with sobolo to drink.

Elders Gibson, Zulu and Udobor all served as Assistants at some point in their time here.  They were great Missionaries!  As you can see from the photo, the custom here is to eat with your fingers.  Hey...when in Ghana...

With their banners from the Mission.

With Elder Zulu.

Elder Udobor.  We sure will miss them!

Coloring in Primary

Primary is the BEST!  These kids love to color.

Notice Mabina is coloring her person the same color of skin as she has?  I love this!  Apparently orange is a favorite too.


Who could resist this cute face?

...or this one...

....or this one....

Show Sister Halladay your pictures kids!  Whooops, where'd they go?

        They all rushed outside afterward to share their masterpieces with Sister     Cosgrave.
     With a bit of help from our Sister Cosgrave, we finally got a photo that shows their cute faces as well as their newly colored masterpieces!  CUTE KIDS!!!

To Market, to Market

Navigating the somewhat crowded isles.....umm...I think my cohorts are somewhere ahead of me...of course, if I should get separated from them somehow there's sure to be a person who can tell me which way they went because we kinda stick out here.

Women's items for as far as the eye can see...and then some.

Hmm...lets see....four lotions,  eight cocoa butter, slippers, new flipflops, etc, etc...maybe we can get help carrying it all out?  (Just kidding)

Hey...lets get some wigs!  There are plenty to choose from... if you like black.

Yep...we need all the support we can get here...

So, this man sees my name tag and grabs me by the arm and hauls me down the isle while yelling, "There is a member of your church here!"  He took us to this cute woman who is indeed a member in one of the Kumasi branches.  Don't you just love her happy smile!  She was so excited to meet us and gave me a big hug!
Hey, its never a successful trip without finding a fabric shop!  :)
Eeny, meeny, miney....
Remember that wig isle????
Well....when in Rome....  what can we say?  (music maestro...)  "How do you solve 3 problems like Sisters Wardle, Halladay and Cosgrave?"  You gotta live a little!!!