Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lake Bosomtwe

Coming up on Lake Bosomtwe (Bo-sum-tray)

We thought it was an old volcano similar to Lake Tahoe but turns out from Joni's sleuthing that it is a crater from a very large meteor impact.

Up and over the rim and down towards the lake.

Not quite there yet.

Had to do a little off roading! And it was much worse than this. 

Many small villages all around the lake.

Panorama view.

About 12  km across.

A lot of Maize, Coco and other local fruit and plants.

I really thought it was volcanic given the sharp hills and peaks around the edge of the crater.

We met a group of Christian missionaries from Canada while we were there.

They charged us $.50 a piece to use this beach. What a steal!

Sister Halladay and Sister Wardle checking out the WARM water.

Coco pods with coco beans inside. About 6-8 inches long, grow from the trunks of the trees.

Beans in the pod, stacked on top of each other.

One of the nicer hotels in Kumasi is named the Golden Bean, after the coco bean pod.

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Eating a coco bean, right before he told us to eat around the bean, then dry it before eating it!

On the way out the views were endless. Wish I had brought my binoculars.

Elder Ameworlor (Am-a-war-lore) leaving tomorrow with five Sister Missionaries. He was pretty happy.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Scenery from Techiman to Tamale

After driving six hours north to drop the new Senior Missionary Couples in Techiman and Tamale (Tom a Lay) I was able to be a passenger on the way back. The first time we came this far north it was at the end of summer in September, and very dry and brown. I was so fascinated by the fresh green grass and new growth that I took many pictures of the scenery.
I won't label many of these pictures so just enjoy the beautiful African country side (zoom in on some of them to see more detail).

We saw many villages of mud huts covered with straw or grass roofs.

Zoom in and see the people washing cloths and drying them on the rocks, and another group just swimming and playing in the water of the Volta.

The views go on for miles and miles!

Zoom in on the "brush" fence they put up to house goats and cattle at night.

Two more brush fences.

A tall termite hill. Maybe 12-15 feet high.

Down toward Techiman it gets more hilly and jungle looking.

You can see a long way out there from some of the hills we drove over.