Sunday, July 31, 2016

Our visit to KNUST Botanic Gardens

Lots of interesting things to see here....this looks like a little fairy house don't you think?  We saw several while visiting here in the gardens.  Sister Wardle thought they might be beehives?  

We had to do it.....

Sister Wardle is checking out the giant termite hill.  

These are bamboo trees.  They're extremely tall!  I had never seen one before and was astonished at its height.  Can you see the small benches at the base?  Those are for people to sit and relax and they're not small. 

Sisters Wardle and Cosgrave wandering down the path next to the bamboo trees.  Now you can see those benches better.

Someone taking advantage of the bench and the shade.

Four of the five of us.

This was an unusual looking fruit.  It was prickly all over the outside and the size of a basketball.

Another interesting looking seed pod.

Like the size of this crawly creature?  Me neither!!!

Now this I DID like....plumeria blossoms!

KNUST is a University located here in Kumasi.

Elder Wardle & Elder Halladay exploring and chatting as they go.

Sisters Cosgrave and Wardle examining  a vine being trained up a tree.  See the water bottle with the roots inside?...Ingenious.
All in all, it was a nice break in our week.  

Use your head

Need we say more?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The innocence of Ghana's children

These children were playing jump rope one morning as I passed by. I stopped to watch a minute and asked if I could take their photos. They were having such fun and laughing as they played. Each took their turn and then let the next one have theirs without any quarrels. 

These Primary children are showing me their pictures they drew of Jesus Christ.  They are in our Branch in Agona. 

This is a neighbor lady of ours with her children. The woman is handicapped and her children help her to travel in her cart all over town. You can see the handles on the front of the cart which she turns to help move the cart forward. Her children push from behind. 

This group of Muslim children came down the road as we were leaving a business. They smiled and waved to is as we passed.  We see many children in groups walking along the roadside. Lots of things they are going to or coming from school. Many of the schools here require the children to wear uniforms. 

This is a photo I found on the Internet. I did not take it myself but I love the unity it depicts. 

Isn't she beautiful?  Sunday's can be long for little ones. ;)

This child's mama is a seamstress. He goes to work with her each day and spends the whole day the as she sews. 

Mary and Vincent are two cute little friends of ours. Their mother weaves baskets for us and is excellent in her work. 

I love these two quotes. 

Don't you agree?