Sunday, November 15, 2015

Agona & Asamong

                                      There were Several baptisms on this day.

   The members here in Asamong and Agona love to come out and support the new members that are being baptized.  Everyone is eager to witness the baptism.   The bapismal font is next to the white brick wall in the first picture.  Its outdoors. The sister in the second picture is Charity.  She and her son Prince were baptized at end of October by Elder Onen with Elder Bonku conducting the meeting.

               See the look of anticipation on these little faces?  So cute!

      This cutie was mopping up after her big brother was baptized by the elders.
                         She must've had some practice somewhere before.  ;)
                                       Aren't these little girls precious?

This is Elder Agbeko.  He us serving in Asamong.  I love this photo of everyone crowded around him as he fills out the baptismal papers.  You can tell these people are very comfortable with him.  He's just one of our great missionaries here teaching of our Saviors atonement and love for all.

  These two little ones are twins.  They belong to Veronica who is the Mission home's cook.  She makes really great Ghanaian dishes for us.
  Have I mentioned how much I love the people of Ghana?  I love them because for the most part, they are Christlike and humble, teachable and very kind. Ghana is one of the most religious countries in the world.  Everyone worships their God regularly.  They are committed to their beliefs and practice their religion.

                             Ghana is a wonderful place to feel God's love.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Missionary life

This is a photo of the Mission home where we go to work each day.  There are many office responsibilities as the office couple. Every day is a new adventure and there's never a dull moment. Maybe as I become more adept to the work expected of me, it'll smooth out bit. One can hope anyway. Elder Halladay on the other hand has been worth his weight in gold in keeping all the computers up and running among other things. He's very good at what he does.

We have Missionaries coming and going most any day of the week. Some are there for meetings and others are arriving for the first time or leaving to go home.  

These two are companions. Aren't they lovely girls?
Can you see the light in their eyes?
These two Sisters were helping in the kitchen and the office while waiting for their flights to depart for home.  We so appreciated their help.

Elders Bishop, Lund, Robinson, Mathebe and Zulu.  This was a celebration dinner at the Nobel House restaurant for Elder Mathebe who was going home, Elder Lund who was being transferred and Elder Zulu who was just called as an AP.  They all ate until the food was gone.  Missionaries never turn down a good meal!

Sister Cosgrave with Sister Patrick and Sister Miselo on transfer day.

 How many men does it take to hang a heavy wood shelf?....Many hands make lighter the load.  Elder Lund got tired of holding his arms up so decided to hold up his end on his head.  True to Ghanaian form.  :)

                         The Mission Home parking area on travel days.

This is Elder and Sister Barney who left us last month to return home from their mission after serving as the Nurse and housing coordinator.  Elder Udoh and Elder Botha trained us in our office duties.  

Now that all the guests are gone, we can kick back and lick the beaters!  Wish you were here Elder Mathebe!