Sunday, February 12, 2017

All good things must come to an end

There are many people and things we will miss about Ghana.

President & Sister Cosgrave and us the night before our departure.

Well...we won't miss waiting at the Customs office for packages to be processed like these Elders...
But we will definitely miss most everything else.

Margaret & Charles Baptism

Two Missionaries that we have grown to love very much who are also good friends.  Elder Porritt who serves in Kumasi and Elder Antwi who is serving in the Accra West Mission.
Two Missionaries that were serving in the Agona Branch with us in October.  Elder Addo and Yates.

This is Margaret who was baptized just before we left to come home from our mission.  She is a single mother with two little boys.  She is handycapped and walks a great distance each day to work in the fields to support her boys.  She is very proud of her independence despite her challenges.

Elder Addo, Margaret, Charles and Elder Yates on Baptism day.

When there is a baptism, the whole branch comes to witness and support the investigators.  This is the inside view of a trotro full of our members who came to the baptism that day.  I personally counted 28 people get off that trotro.  They don't mind being close together, they're just happy to have a ride.

This is Lord.
This is Rudolf.
These two little guys just couldn't sit through another meeting so, I took them outside to run off some energy while they finished up the meeting inside.  They RAN almost the whole time!  Three year old's have a lot of energy!


Cultural Celebration

In October a special Cultural Celebration was held to celebrate the History and culture of the people of Ghana.  This special program was in conjunction with the forming of the new Asokwa Stake.  The area President came to this celebration as well as stake members and visitors.  There are now three Stakes in the Kumasi area.
The young adults take a turn dancing.  This dance was about courtship.

Meet the men responsible for the music, or should we say, drums.  Most of the time when we saw people dancing, it was to drum rhythms.

The Hostess for our the program.  She was very happy and did a great job.

This little cutie was in attending with her mother.  I asked if i could take her photo and she abliged.

Several uninvited goats decided to drop by and taste the bushes on the church property.  They were sent on their way in no time at all.  Goats are very common in Ghana and they all run freely about.